Everything Wrong with traditional fat-loss methods

If you are a fat person and trying to lose weight from a long time, this is not the first article you have read on weight loss. You have probably watched tens of, hundreds of videos online, read articles, followed your friends advice to try the low fat diet or to try the high protein diet,etc. Here's what you have probably read how to lose fat -


- Measure every thing, from macro nutrients to micro nutrients.

- Count each and every calorie you stuff in your mouth.

-Then count how many calories you "burn". Eat 300 to 500 cals less than that and, Voila! you get lean just like that.


WRONG!!Only if it were that easy. Doesn't matter how much one uses logic, or fancy words(such as laws of thermodynamics) the strategy of "eat less move more" does not work. That, Gentlemen and ladies is an age old myth!(There will be attachments at the end of this page for all the nerds who want to read "the scientific research").

Our approach to


Human body is not so simple that one can fool it into losing weight by eating less. It is way smarter than that.

Eating less is like treating the symptom and not addressing the cause of the problem. With that technique one can lose weight initially but our body gains it back when we get off the "diet".

Food is like information that gives your body instructions that turn the genes on or off. It specifically tells your body what to do and what not to. Obesity is the imbalance in your body that you have to fix from the root. When the body gets right type of nutrition it addresses the root cause of obesity.

We at thedietstory.com treat your root cause of obesity by giving your body so much nutrition that your particular body needs that it fixes its imbalances and you lose weight fast.

NO ARTIFICIAL FOODS, NO SHORTCUTS. We believe in providing the body with so much nutrition that all the imbalances in your hormones, the health of your gut, your stress takes care of itself.

And this ultimately leads to HEALTHY AND PERMANENT FAT LOSS.

30 day Meal pack results-

- Your body will basically become a
 fat burning machine.
- Your energy levels will skyrocket through the roof.
- You will look and feel good.
-You will be gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time.(Ladies, don't worry. You won't look like a buffed up dude)
-Your other problems ranging from acne to dandruff, from poor concentration to brain fog will all  disappear or will atleast be reduced to a great extent.
How we shred your fat -
We provide you with 3 to 4 big satisfying and mouth wateringly tasty meals everyday . These meals will be customized , adjusted and readjusted until it suits perfectly to your body and your body becomes a fat burning machine.