Having the "right why" -The most crucial thing you need to succeed at losing weight.

You must’ve heard about the principle of knowing your “why” before trying to do something that is important and takes significant amount of time and energy. If you don’t know, here’s what roughly it means-

When you know why you’re doing something, not the superficial why, but deep down as to why you want to do the thing that you’re gonna do, or why you want the outcome you want, it clears out a lot of confusion and keeps you on the right path. So whenever some obstacle arises, as your “whys” are clear, you’d be able to sort that out logically, rationally, with a clear mind and without letting your emotions getting too much involved in the thinking process.

In short, when you’re absolutely clear about your “why”, you have a lot of mental bandwidth for the “how”.

But what do I mean by the “right why”?

I have seen many people go through the journey of losing weight. Most people, and when I say most I mean more than 90% of them, have their “whys” based on short term egoic gratifications. To name a few-

· I want to get those abs in 2 months so that I look good on the beach on my vacation.

· I want to lose weight before the marriage that I have to attend.

· I want to lose weight and get fit to impress the opposite sex.

So on, and so forth. There’s nothing inherently wrong per se in setting such goals, but it takes away your much needed focus on the process.

And that’s not even the worst part, the worst part is that it puts you further back in achieving your goal.

When people set such goals, they go for these extreme crash diets that just leaves them depressed and with a broken metabolism.

The more you ride this roller coaster of losing and gaining weight, the more it will be harder for you to ever achieve a permanent weight loss.

So what you need to do is base your “why” on long term goals, one that isn’t going to give you temporary dopamine hits. To name few-

· Increasing your lifespan so that you get to play with your grand kids.

· Increasing your work efficiency and the ability to hustle into your 40s and 50s.

· Being able to run and deadlift into your ripe old age.

· Building a great physique, not to impress anyone, but to do it just because you want to. Just like a painter paints for himself.

To summarize the whole deal- your “why” should make you more patient, focused on the process and free of short-term outcomes.

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