Science reveals the a whole new way to LOSE WEIGHT!!

“I want my MONEY BACK! From the past month not only has my weight-loss plateaued but I gained some of it back! My hair is falling out. I’m weak, lethargic, fatigued and I’m looking like I’m 20 years older!!!”

I had got this phone call from a client one Tuesday Morning. This was a 7th call in the last month that had the same complaint. It had been 6 months at this point, I had started my career as a nutritionist and weight-loss consultant.

Little did I know, just a year later I’d be getting phone calls along the lines –

“I LOST 8 kgs this month”

“Your weight-loss formula cured my diabetes

“The diet fixed my lifelong acne and skin problems

“I’m now looking way younger, than my actual age”

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Are you doing this mistake in your Diet?

In the initial 6 months, I had honestly given every bit of advice that was taught to me in my certification program. I was at the top of my class.

From eating low fat to eating 6-7 small meals to boost up the metabolism, from not skipping breakfast to doing cardio everyday, every piece of lesson I had learnt in my class, I was applying on my clients.

RESULT? Disturbing phone calls from majority of my clients almost everyday, that use to leave me depressed and embarrassed.

The conventional advice had failed majority of my clients. Initially all of them lost weight, but after a few months, they all gained it back. At first I blamed them for this. But eventually I realised, that the approach was massively flawed!


What good is “dieting” and starving yourself, if you’re going to gain all of it back eventually? Or worse, gain it all back and then some!


This is how the conventional approach works –


X “Eat less, exercise more”

X “Eat less calories than you burn”

X“Eat low fat, and eat more ‘healthy’ whole grains, like brown rice”


If it is so easy, then why are we witnessing ever increasing rates of obesity all over the world? If it is as simple as eating less or just moving more, then why doesn’t everyone follow this simple advice and get six pack abs.


The reason is – this all goes way deeper than just counting calories, eating less and running on the treadmill until you pass off. I gave the typical advice to all of my clients and almost all of them failed in long term. I’m sure even you would’ve tried all of this at some point and have failed. Or you wouldn’t have been here.


So I decided to refund every penny to all my unsatisfied customers, trashed my degree, all my certificates and went on a long tedious but exciting journey to discover the real deal, the fundamentals, the truth of HOW WEIGHT-LOSS REALLY WORKS!

And believe it or not, the true way to permanent weight loss and health was way quicker and way healthier! 

The hour long lectures, the textbooks, the typical conventional wisdom had all failed!

It was time to discover the real truth to all of this!


The simple SOLUTION 

So I started reading every book from every famous doctor, nutritionist, health coach, biochemist I could find to get to the truth.

After going through more than 200 books, more than 1000 research papers, talking to tons of scientists and biochemists I came to the conclusion -

Weight-loss is 100% totally different!! Than how it is taught to typical dieticians or nutritionists..!!

More than 90% of concepts are not just wrong, but even harmful to health in some cases.
For example -

Fat doesn't make you fat!! Certain specific types of carbohydrates do.

 Eating 6-7 small meals is not healthy... It is down right harmful.


 Whole grains are not healthy, they're pro-inflammatory !! 

Believe it or not, the true way to permanent weight loss and health was way quicker and way healthier! 

BUT mind you! This was not so easy as "eat whatever you want... Just eat less" advice. Its not hard, but its not easy either. Over the course of my career as a weight-loss consultant I've learned that in order to lose weight permanently, you will need to have a commitment and dedication to your goal. There is absolutely NO SHORTCUT in this. 

If you think, this blog is magically going to solve your problems of weight-loss and give you a quick overnight solution, then close this window right now and go back to surfing on facebook. This isn't for you. 

But if you’re one of the person, who wants to know the real truth, the real solution of how to lose weight at a good pace and lose it permanently, if you're the kinda person that can put in the work to do what's needed so that you can achieve the six pack abs or an awesome figure, then what I'm gonna tell you is for you. 

It took me years to figure out the complete picture of how everything works. Although there are 100s of little things you need to manage to lose weight, I've boiled it down to 7 major steps that can help 99% of you to get slim and healthy. 

The very first thing I discovered was the excess weight, wasn't the result of eating too much at all!! 
Weight gain is a HORMONAL PROBLEM! In every single case!! 

The excess fat on belly, thighs, arms, etc is a result of some kind of hormonal imbalance in your body. If we fix that imbalance with the right nutrition, you can drop that weight really fast! 

Always remember this - excess Weight or excess fat is an ultimate symptom of unhealthy body!! When you fix your health, you fix your weight! As simple as that!

There are many hormones which need to work together to keep you healthy, fit and thriving. When you eat poorly or make bad lifestyle choices this basic hormonal balance goes off the rail. When this happens, you start getting all kinds of problems like falling hair, dark circles, acne, joint pain, migraines ALONG with BELLY FAT!

You need to figure out exactly what hormones you need to fix through real whole food. When you do that, you will drop weight like crazy! I've seen a woman drop 13 kgs in a month!! when we gave her the right nutrition that her body needed so badly.

To keep it simple I've explained the major points of how all of it works!



This is the basic gist of the permanent solution to weight-loss-

There are some hormones that affect fat-burning in a positive way and there are some that affect it in a negative way. So we’ll call the former ones “Fat-burning hormones” and the later ones “Fat-storing hormones”

If you’re overweight or obese, your fat-burning hormones are lower than the healthy range and your fat-storing hormones are way high up in the unhealthy range. All you have to do is eat the right food so that you can Increase the fat-burning hormones and Decrease the fat-storing hormones. As simple as that!

Now there’s a ton of biochemistry and sciency stuff involved in all of these processes. There can be a problem in a number of different systems in your body that is increasing the fat-storing hormones. Once you figure out how to fix those problems, you fix the hormonal problem causing you to be overweight.

Take Jaya for example -

Lost 10kgs


2 Months!

She came to me with the same problems that majority of people have. She had gained close to 10kgs in the last two years. She had tried a lot of diets on the internet with no results.


We asked her a few questions to figure out the imbalance. Turns out she had a low functioning thyroid, that had slowed down her metabolism. In addition to that she also had some insulin resistance and some foods that were messing up with her estrogen levels.


Because of this, she was gaining more weight on belly fat, thighs and arms. We gave her the right kind of foods and she lost all the weight in 2 months!!

She is healthier than ever and has even improved fitness levels

Figure out the ROOT-CAUSE 
of why you're overweight
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Lost 17kgs

in 3 Months!

He had adequate amount of thyroid hormone but, it wasn’t getting converted in the active form that body uses. This usually happens through the liver and few other tissues.


He had gained more than 25 kgs over the course of his lifetime. When we gave him the right kind of diet, his conversion problem was fixed and he lost 17 kgs in 3 months!

But how to actually figure out these imbalances? And moreover how to fix them?

To know exactly what imbalances you have and how to fix all of them, go to this-



that makes a thorough analysis of your body. After you fill up the quiz, we give you a detailed report of the root cause of your excess weight along with FREE weight-loss consultation.

In this FREE CONSULTATION, I explain you-


“What imbalances you have in your body”

“What is your personal root cause of your excess weight”

“How to control the important FAT-BURNING HORMONES

“How to train your body to become a FAT BURNING MACHINE !”


If you understand this in detail, you can lose your weight easily in few months. This strategy not only will make you lean but may also fix majority of other health problems like-



fix Unhealthy SKIN


Increase ENERGY Levels

Increase Cognitive Function

Figure out the ROOT-CAUSE of why you're overweight
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Figure out the root cause of your excess weight.

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